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Finnish Forest Certification Council, Press Release: PEFC information CD in a Finnish carton box (3rd July 2007)

The new edition of the international PEFC information CD is now available. In addition to PEFC Council’s Annual Review 2006, brochures and documentation, examples of governmental recommendations for PEFC have been compiled on the CD. The CD is for everybody who wants to learn more about the advantages and benefits of PEFC’s forest as well as chain-of-custody certification, its safeguards against wood from illegal logging and about the labelling of PEFC certified products ... 

PEFC Council press release: PEFC expands global reach to China (23rd April 2007)

PEFC has opened its new PEFC China Office in Beijing. The new office will provide market support and information on PEFC certification for Chinese government and industry decision-makers interested in promoting sustainable forest management. The PEFC China program builds on an existing presence in Japan, and extends PEFC’s reach into Asian markets.

PEFC Council press release: UK Government confirms PEFC as source of legal and sustainable timber (18th December 2006)
The UK Government today confirmed that PEFC sustainable forest management certification provided an assurance that its certified timber-based products originated from legal and sustainable sources. The government has signalled its preference for certified timber products in its own timber procurement policy and recommends consumers make the same responsible choice. The announcement follows a detailed assessment of forest certification systems by the Government’s Central Point of Expertise on Timber (CPET) ...

Finnish Forest Certification Council, Press Release: Keurhout's approval to Finnish forest certification renewed (30th November 2006)

The Dutch Keurhout has renewed its approval for a total of 22 million ha of FFCS (Finnish Forest Certification System) -certified forests. The FFCS is the first certification system which has been validated against the recently established Keurhout Protocol for Validation of Certification Systems (KH-SYS). The admission of the FFCS system to the Keurhout Sustainable system is valid for the next four-year-period. For the first time the FFCS was approved by the Keurhout in 2001 ...


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