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PEFC Scheme

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes, earlier Pan European Forest Certification Scheme) provides a framework for demonstrating that wood fibre products originating from certified forests are managed in conformance to the principles of social, environmental and economic sustainability. certification may also help to combat against illegal logging.

PEFC is a global umbrella organisation for the assessment of and mutual recognition of national forest certification schemes. The members of PEFC represent national or regional certification schemes that are based on impartial auditing of forest management. International principles for sustainable forest management and their national applications establish the basis of the national schemes. In Europe these principles have been agreed on in the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe.

PEFC was founded in 1999 after years of consultation and preparation. It has emerged to be the world largest forest certification umbrella organisation covering European and non-European national schemes. PEFC has endorsed or is in the process of endorsing over 25 national forest certification schemes from all over the world.

Hundreds of millions cubic metres of wood from ten millions certified forest hectares is delivered annually to the markets. PEFC has a wide support within the interest groups interested in developing sustainable forest management, e.g., forestry sector, governmental organizations, trading organizations, trade unions and NGOs. The Finnish Forest Certification Council represent Finland in PEFC Council.

PEFC defines the minimum requirements for forest certification and it sets the institutional framework at an international and national level. The PEFC logo can be used in wood products originating from forest that are certified against the requirements endorsed by PEFC.


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