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Finnish Forest Certification Council's activities

The Finnish Forest Certification Council (FFCC) administers and develops the FFCS (Finnish Forest Certification System) system.

The FFCC's activities include:

  • maintainance and development of the FFCS system,
  • issuance of statements on forest certification and
  • distribution of information on forest certification nationally and internationally.


  • acts in cooperation with PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and its member organisations and
  • issues PEFC logo use rights in Finland and controls the use of the PEFC logo.

An independent Forest Certification Appeals Panel shall issue recommendations to resolve disputes concerning the forest certification activities of members participating in forest certification. The panel is chaired by a neutral person. Disputes that are related to certification proces will be handled according to the procudures of the certification bodies.

The Working Group on the Development of Forest Certification operates under the Board preparing developing activities. The Working Group is chaired by the vice-chairman of the FFCC.

The Working Group on the Development of the Standards is responsible to review the FFCS standards periodically. The Finnsih Forest Certification Council is the initiator of the standard revision process.

In the administration of the FFCS system a common principle, according which there are separate bodies for the standard setting, auditing and dispute handling, is followed.

Finnish Forest Certification Council's office

Finnish Forest Certification Council
Secretary General Auvo Kaivola
Sitratie 7

e-mail [email protected]
Telephone +358 400 765437
Fax +358-9 5630329

Finnish Forest Certification Council’s member organisations 29.11.2021

  • Association of Forest Machine Entrepreneurs
  • Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK)
  • Central Union of Swedish Speaking Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (SLC)
  • Ecclesiastical Board / Church of Finland
  • Finnish 4-H Federation
  • Finnish Forest Industries Federation
  • Finnish Sawmills
  • Forest and Park Service (Metsähallitus)
  • METO - Forestry Experts Association
  • Timber Truck Transport Entrepeneurs
  • Union of Academic Foresters
  • Wood and Allied Workers Union


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